Using Green Tea Instead of Coffee

green tea instead of coffeeBillions of people around the world drink coffee regularly, and over half of American consume it daily. Coffee provides physical and mental energy that fuels the morning routines of those who use it. While there are some health benefits associated with coffee, there are also many issues, including headaches, anxiety, addiction and withdrawal, along with an increase in risk for certain diseases.

With all of the debilitating effects associated with coffee, it doesn’t make sense to take the risk for it. On top of the known and potential toxins in coffee, the continued use of caffeine can lead to chronic anxiety, jitters, and even depression.

A fantastic replacement for coffee is green tea. This unoxidized form of tea contains significantly less caffeine than coffee. In fact, you can avoid the caffeine entirely by utilizing the decaffeinated versions, which are even better. Of course, without that vital molecule, you might be wondering how green tea can supply energy. While green tea’s main purpose is not to provide energy, such a result is a secondary benefit from the antioxidants and other nutrients in green tea. Those nutrients are the real reason you should drink more green tea and not coffee, as the latter does not contain antioxidant concentrations at the levels found in green tea.

First and foremost, green tea is inherently invigorating, and its sweet flavor, comforting heat, and purity are more than enough to provide a morning boost. You will also be giving your body key nutrients to keep you energized and feeling good throughout the day, without the crash often experienced after drinking several cups of coffee. Since green tea can work just as well as coffee but is much healthier, it’s a clear choice about which one to go with.  If you have been drinking coffee for awhile, it might take a bit to get used to the less intense flavor of tea.  To help with your transition, you could also consider working your way down from black tea to green tea, but usually it is much easier to make a big change so you can see results fast, rather than losing motivation from not seeing change from smaller changes.

It does not take long to start feeling the benefits of green tea and becoming acquired to the taste, especially once you figure out what natural additives are best and most satisfying to mix in. Two factors hold people back from making this transition, including the belief that they cannot get enough energy from tea, as well as a perception that coffee is substantially more enjoyable.

However, tea really can taste even better and give you energy while relaxing you. By enhancing the drink with non-dairy creamers like hemp or almond milk, and mixing in organic sweeteners like honey, agave syrup, or stevia, you can give your tea even more nutritional power while making it taste absolutely delicious. Consider adding in cinnamon and vanilla extract for an additional burst of flavor and antioxidants (especially since cinnamon is so effective for maintaing blood sugar, which has its own set of benefits). With everything you can do with green tea, you should at least give it a chance and try to notice any improvements you may feel.

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