The Health Benefits of Tea – Ancient and Modern

health benefits of teaThousands of years ago, drinking a cup of tea was only considered as an effective treatment for colds and other infectious diseases. However, due to the advancement made in the field of scientific research, experts discovered plenty of other wondrous benefits of tea. Some of the discoveries regarding the health benefits of tea are stated below:

Tea helps in boosting one’s immune system

Tea is one of the most famous beverages that help boost one’s immune system. This is because tea contains alkylamines which are also present in germs. As the person drinks tea, his body will learn to recognize alkylamines which can be used to fight against any germs. The more you drink tea, the more that your immune system will be exposed to germs. Studies reveal that the pre-existence of these germ cells in the body allow them the opportunity to find ways on how to destroy these disease-causing germs.

Tea is essential for the digestive system

Drinking several cups of tea enables your digestive system to work smoothly. Green tea contains anti-inflammatory properties that are responsible for the reduction of the adverse effects of Irritable Bowel Disease. In addition, studies reveal that there is also another variety of tea that helps in the smooth flow of the person’s digestive juices. Therefore, by drinking tea the person will less likely to have digestive problems.

Tea helps strengthen teeth

Many people think that the habit of drinking tea can weaken the teeth. But, this is not the case. It is when you add sugar to your tea that turns it into an acidic drink. In turn, the teeth will become brittle. However, if tea is being drunk naturally without any sugar added the person will have healthier set of teeth. It is because tea contains natural fluoride and tannins that prevent the formation of plaque in a person’s teeth.

Tea increases bone density.

A research conducted in the University of Western Australia has proven the claim that tea is indeed beneficial to the individual’s bone structure. However, more research is still needed to be done to be able to determine the ways in which tea increases bone density. But, several researchers agree that tea contains phytochemical such as flavanoids. These flavanoids which also contain estrogen-like properties are thought to be responsible for protecting the person against bone loss. There is enough proof to show that those women who drink several cups of tea as part of their daily habit have higher levels of bone density, compared to women who seldom drink tea.

Tea helps prevent heart disease

Studies have proven that drinking green tea improves the health of an individual’s delicate cell linings inside his blood vessels. It also helps in the prevention of clogged arteries. This is made possible as green tea improves the functioning of those endothelial cells. On the contrary, the weak functioning of endothelial cells can lead to clogged arteries.

In addition, tea also contains vitamin M which helps lower the risk of having cardiovascular diseases. Vitamin M helps prevent the growth of homocysteine which is known to be one of the risk factors of cardiovascular diseases.

Tea helps prevent cancer

Studies conducted at the University of Murcia in Spain revealed that tea helps prevent the growth of cancer cells. Researchers found out that tea contains EGCG (Epigallocatechin gallate) that helps bind enzymes to stop the cancer cells from growing. Furthermore, scientists also discovered that EGCG contains a structure that is very much the same with cancer drug known as methotrexate. Researchers found out that EGCG and methotrexate works the same way in killing cancer cells.

Tea can reduce anxiety and stress

Tea contains theanine which empowers GABA to inhibit those feelings of excitement. Thus, the individual will become more relaxed. GABA also helps improve the production of serotonin and dopamine which are also known as “feel-good” hormones. These are the reasons why drinking a cup of tea helps ward off the.

Scientists and medical experts still continue with their studies in order to discover several other health benefits of tea. It is also important to know that there are different kinds of teas that one may choose to drink. Green, black, chamomile, and ginger tea are few examples of tea varieties. These different varieties of teas may provide different health benefits as well.

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