The Drinking 5 cups of Green Tea a Day Weight Loss Experiment

Can drinking 5 cups of green tea a day help you lose weight?

Darren and Veronica Haynes

Welcome! My name is Darren Haynes. I’ve recently decided to start a bit of a science experiment on green tea weight loss. With so much information out there about the amazing weight loss benefits of green tea, one can get swept away pretty easily in all the hype. For me, I just have to see it to believe it. Does green tea really help you lose weight? If you’d like to find out, like me, lets get started. First, I did my research. A wide range of studies do show the overwhelming evidence that green tea can help us lose weight. (Check out some of the other posts on this blog for more details).

To be 100% convinced, I am undergoing the green tea weight loss experiment first hand. So, to start, I will drink 5 cups a day of green tea. Why 5 cups a day you may ask? Well, to keep it short, from all the studies I have read it appears that a good amount of tea needs to be consumed for green tea weight loss. It is suggested that 5 cups per day can help you burn an extra 70 to 80 calories a day. So lets see how it goes.

Recording the Progress
Starting yesterday I began drinking the suggested 5 cups of green tea per day. I will do this everyday for 30 days. My starting weight is 177 lbs. I am not especially over weight, but I do have more belly fat than I should. I am going to use green tea bags, and stick with the same brand to keep things consistent. I will use Safeway’s Organics brand of green tea bags for the whole 30 days. I will use boiling water and steep the tea bags for at least 5 minutes as this extracts more of the EGCG and caffeine form the tea. It is the EGCG and caffeine are the fat burning components for green tea weight loss.

It is also important to point out, I am not making any changes to my regular eating habits or physical activity levels. I am just going on with normal daily life.

I started the experiment yesterday – Thursday Oct the 1st 2009 and am recording the process each day. So keep checking in for the results.

Day 1) Starting weight 177Lbs.

Day 2) No change yet.

Day 3) Wow I have lost 0.8Lbs. The scales now reads 176.2 Lbs. Still too early for conclusive results, but this is promising.
Day 3

Day 4) Today I gained weight. Went up 0.6 pounds to 176.8 Lbs, but I am still a little lighter than day one.
Day 5) Oops! I ate way too much yesterday. Set me back a little, I am now at 177.2 Lbs

Day 6) Sorry folks, I forgot to weigh before breakfast, so can’t give you an accurate reading today. Come back tomorrow and I will have the results for the first week…

Day 7) Great news today for the end of the first week, I am actually a whole 1Lb lighter than the start day. I am now at 176Lb.

Day 8 ) Things are still looking good at 176Lbs.

Day 9 – Day 17) I have evened out at 176Lbs for these 8 days, which is cool. That is still 1Lb lighter than when I started.

Day 18) I was beginning to think there wasn’t going to be another shift, but today it came! I am now weighing in at 175.2Lbs. That is 1.8Lbs of weight loss since I started this experiment.

Day 19 – 25) Evened out at 175.2Lbs for these days.

I cut the experiment a little short, due to relocating to the other end of the USA from AZ to MD. I actually completed 25 days instead of 30, but the results were still good! In 25 days I lost 1.8Lbs. Although, I would add that drinking 5 cups of tea a day is a lot! If you do that everyday for 25 days, you really have to focus to keep the intake up.

Update June 2nd 2011: I have learned that even though I used organic tea bags, there are actually less catechin antioxidants in green tea bags that contain tea leaf shavings. So it is possible that I may have lost more weight by drinking 5 cups of green tea a day using tea bags containin whole leaf green tea.

So for the next experiment my wife Veronica is going to start taking green tea extract and see if that has any weight loss benefits for her. So watch out for that new post that will be coming in a few months .

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