Teas to Cure Pregnancy Ailments

tea for pregnancyFor many, tea is simply a pleasant drink. Others use tea as a way to lose weight. But various herbal teas can also serve as fertility tonics, and help cure pregnancy signs like morning sickness. Where should you start if you would like to use teas to encourage a healthy pregnancy and to make those ailments go away?

Red raspberry leaf tea

Red raspberry leaf or RRL tea is a favorite among pregnant women in their third trimester, because it contains fragrine, which tones pelvic muscles and the uterus, and herbalists recommend it to women to help them have an easier birth. You will also find vitamins A, B complex, C, and E in red raspberry leaf tea, as well as minerals like potassium. The tea is sometimes used as a fertility booster, and can serve as a morning sickness remedy and help maintain a healthy blood pressure.

Nettle leaf tea

Nettle leaf is a lesser known pregnancy tea, but it is just as potent as RRL tea, if not more so. Nettle leaves can be used in infusions and fresh in cooking, and their tea has a mild and pleasant taste. Nettles are full of vitamins (A, C, D and K) and minerals (iron, potassium, calcium, sulphur and phosphorus), which are all needed for a healthy pregnancy. Herbalists prescribe nettle leaf tea to couples who are thinking about how to get pregnant, as it increases fertility. During pregnancy, the tea aids kidney functioning, prevents varicosities including hemorrhoids, and helps the body recover from birth more easily. In addition, it helps prevent iron-deficiency anemia. Nettle leaf tea is, essentially, an all-in-one vitamin and mineral booster!

Morning sickness teas

Most expectant mothers suffer from pregnancy nausea and vomiting. Peppermint, lemon, fennel and anise tea are all morning sickness remedies that work like a dream for many women. For the best effect, it helps to drink the tea of your choice first thing in the morning, before you even get up.

Teas to prevent varicose veins
Varicosities are a big problem for many women during pregnancy. Besides nettle leaf tea, oatstraw tea or dried parsley tea can help maintain vein elasticity and prevent varicose veins or sooth existing ones.

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