Store Your Green Tea Properly for Best Health Benefits

storing green teaSome individuals consume green tea because of the broad amount of research that suggests that this herbal drink can offer benefits for health. Over the past few years, food companies have created new methods for selling green teas, like in natural powder form that is handy for people to make use of while busy.

Nonetheless, individuals might not know that the benefits of their green tea items might be reduced dependant upon the circumstances in which the products are kept.

Recent research publicized in the Journal of Food and Agricultural Chemistry demonstrated that the green tea catechins start to degrade when the items are stored in humid, warm environments. At these temperature ranges, substances might start reacting with one another quicker because of elevated molecular activity, causing substantial chemical deterioration.

“People consume green tea for its benefits for health, such as green tea weight loss, so they would want catechins to be present. The powdered instant drinks have become popular for buyers, and it is crucial to understand how storage influences nutrition of your goods,” stated lead scientist Lisa Mauer.

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