My Tea Time Experience

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Famously known to be a part of the Asian culture and symbol, Tea has played a wide part in the Asian tradition. Drinking Tea in Asia historically started when a Chinese Emperor was about to drink a boiling water in a cup outside his Palace when a tea leaf was accidentally was blown into his cup. From then on,  Tea was discovered and had been a part of the Chinese Culture. In other Asian countries like Japan, drinking tea has been part of the people’s daily practices and has been a status symbol. However, there is more to Tea than just being part of people’s culture and experience which fascinated me.  

In this article, I will be discussing my experience with different kinds of teas, their origin, their symbol and most importantly, their benefits to our health and body. When I was a kid, I have always seen a lot of people drinking tea during conferences everytime my parents took me with them. However, when I tried to taste it, I was not fascinated by the taste and definitely did not spark my  interest in drinking tea again.  

My view with Tea suddenly changed when one afternoon, my classmate in High School offered me a cup in her thermal bottle container. Boy, it was so refreshing and it tasted far quite differently from the one I have tasted before. It was a Rosemary tea and honey which she served me.

Coffee Drinkers Behold! Tea Time

It was the most refreshing drink that I have ever tasted and as well the most soothing. That afternoon definitely changed my perspective regarding Teas and has stimulated my interest with it. Going back to Rosemary Tea, I have actually research about it after tasting it and have tried to make myself one.

Known to be a kind of tea which provides a lot of health benefits, drinking rosemary tea is known be very beneficial if you are having  a high fever  and  if you are feeling nauseated. Persons who are suffering from epilepsy can also find a good relief with rosemary tea. Rosemary is also known to be a good kind of drink to promote circulation and to fight against rheumatism. I have also tried drinking it when I was having a cold and it was really soothing.

Ever since that afternoon, I have tasted different types of Teas like Mint Tea, Orange Tea, Green Tea, and etc… However, when I was travelling overseas in New Zealand, I have experienced another way that Tea was made. This time Tea was served with a splash of milk and sugar with some pastries during morning and afternoon tea.  

This type of tea preparation goes with a particular kind of tea called Bell Tea which is widely available if you are in New Zealand.  Bell tea is a type of tea  which is known to contain a good source of antioxidants and provides just the right amount of hydration.  I have also come across another kind of Tea preparation while I was with my friend from India.  

This time it was a Black Tea which was served with a unique kind of sweetener called the molasses. While this kind of tea is known to be the red tea in the orient, black tea is a unique kind of tea for it never loses its flavours for many years.

What About This Tea?
While I went through some information about this kind of tea, I have discovered that there are a lot of health benefits that you can get when you drink Black Tea. This type of tea actually contains a low amount of caffeine which actually promotes good circulation.  It is also a good source of Flouride which is ideal for bone growth and oral health. Aside from that , Black Tea is also known to be an immune system booster and is an ideal kind of tea to drink for people like me who are having high cholesterol levels as studies have shown that Black Tea reduces cholesterol levels.

As drinking tea is known to be a traditional practice and is prominently taking part in ceremonies, the trend of drinking tea has now evolved. Today, milk tea and bubble tea is gaining popularity among the young hippy individuals and even myselfis starting to get a little bit addicted to it.  

Bubble tea or pearl tea is actually made with a base tea such as green, black, and some fruit syrup and milk is added to it. However, the traditional mixture of pearl tea is made of black tea with some tapioca, honey and milk.

Nowadays, Tea makers of bubble tea are creating new  different flavours for it – mango, watermelon, honeydew,  chocolate, mocha , lavender and etc… One of my favourite ways of the way that bubble tea is being served is through an ice slushie.

Even though Bubble Tea contains a lot of sugar levels,  it contains a lot of antioxidants, and is a good source of other minerals like calcium and even protein. Although bubble tea can be an addictive drink, I advise that you just drink it with moderation.

 Same with other kinds of tea which actually contains a lot of health minerals but could be harmful to the body if you take it too much of it.  Drinking tea in moderation is important but if you will drink too much of it, it will also cause you a lot of health problems.

Take for instance – oxalate. Oxalate is a mineral that can be found on teas and is known to cause health problems like kidney stones if you take it in too much of it. Another mineral like flouride which is identified to be present in large amount in tea can also be a big contributing  factor for osteofluorosis. Therefore, moderation in drinking tea must be practiced (same with other beverages) to prevent health complications. I hope you have enjoyed reading my tea time experience.

Till next time!
Cheers, Mary Palmares, “Fresh Beetle”.

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