Medicinal Benefits of Green Tea

medicinal benefits of green teaThe benefits of freshly brewed teas have been sung for centuries, and those of green tea have been known to civilizations for long. The Chinese exploited the medicinal benefits of green tea by using the herb in a wide variety of ways in their medical administrations. Research conducted over the effects of green tea in the recent past has irrevocably proved that green tea is indeed a protector and booster of human health.

The component of green tea that endears it so to populations is its antioxidant concentration. The antioxidants in green tea are called catechins and the recipe for making green tea ensures that these catechins are not destroyed. Catechins target free radicals in the body that attack DNA, cause cancer, atherosclerosis and blood clots. Epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG) is a catechin that is abundantly found in green tea and bolsters its beneficial effects on consumers.

Studies conducted have proven that the consumption of green tea not only reduced the growth of cancer cells, but it also prevents the recurrence of cancer if regularly consumer before and after cancer treatments. Those who are vulnerable to lung cancer recorded 18% lesser risk of contracting the same because of the consumption of green tea.

Green tea’s antioxidants are dilators and they play a major role in preventing blood clogs and heart diseases. While men were studied to experience lesser risk coronary heart diseases, women were observed to face reduced risks of having clogged blood vessels. The flexibility of blood vessels is played on by the dilators in green tea. This medicinal effect can be optimized by consuming foods like pomegranates or blueberries that are rich in antioxidants.

Green tea is also on the menu of those who are watching the numbers on their weighing scales. One of the tasks carried out by green tea is to pump up the amount of HDL / good cholesterol and lower the levels of LDL / bad cholesterol. Experiments carried out have shown an impressive 45% – 65% reduction in hypertension. Besides, those who drank two cups of green tea each day will notice a significant drop in their waistlines and body fat levels, possibly due to the caffeine in green tea. Fat oxidation is boosted and rates of metabolism are increased. The reduction in cholesterol levels caused by green tea helps battle both diabetes and heart disease.

Apart from reigning in the development of cancers, green tea is also known to prevent conditions like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Two compounds in the human body that can promote the development of Alzheimer’s disease are hydrogen peroxide and beta-amyloid, an amino acid. Green tea (and black tea) contain polyphenols that are neuro-protective in nature. These polyphenols bind with hydrogen peroxide and beta-amyloid, stopping them from reacting to trigger Alzheimer’s.

Parkinson’s disease, too, can be controlled by green tea. Neuro-protective elements in green tea protect brain cells from being attacked. EGCG in green tea inhibits nitric oxide synthase, an enzyme that plays a role in cell death in the brain. Green tea also seems to increase the receptivity of other medical drugs, allowing dopamine destroyed in the brain to be replenished. Those with Parkinson’s disease responded to medications better. Apart from Alzheimer’s and Parkinson, other types of dementia are also treated by green tea.

Green tea also features on the lists of those seeking to prevent signs of aging from surfacing on their faces. The antioxidants in green tea delay the appearance of symptoms of aging. Besides, green tea results in an increased consumption of water, an act that has medical and beauty benefits by keeping the body hydrated. Green tea is also known to prevent and reduce acne, making green tea a favorite among those who suffer acne due to hormonal changes or environmental triggers.

Green tea is a drink for those who seek health, pure and simple. Not only is this hot beverage bursting with beneficial chemical compounds, but it also boosts the functioning of the immune system and increases stamina. This translates to one being able to withstand physical exertions and emotional challenges. The body is kept functioning smoothly by aiding in the digestion process, keeping the body and mind clean of toxins and protecting internal organs from chemical compounds that may undermine it.

Green tea also keeps dental problems away by killing bacteria that cause plaque. Those who consume green tea regularly are also less prone to falling victim to bacterial and viral diseases that are caused by seasonal changes. Infections do not undermine the stability of those fortified by green tea, and the herb also consists of other vitamins that prevent blood clotting that could cause harm to the body.

Prepare green tea by seeping the leaves for 3 to 5 minutes. This process of preparation keeps antioxidants and other chemical compounds intact, allowing the body to receive its promised benefactors.

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