How to Drink Your Way to a Long Healthy Life

matcha green tea

Around for centuries, this particular drink has stood the test of time no matter what civilization it has touched. Most popular in Asia, the laundry list of benefits that come with drinking Green Tea has now made it around the world so that nearly everyone can reap the benefits of it. Treating everything from obesity to cancer, its obvious why Green Tea has been deemed the healthiest liquid around for overall wellness.

Losing weight has gone green

The popularity of Green Tea in the overweight community continues to grow by the year. Because it offers a delightful surge of energy due to the caffeine content, you will be filled with more energy during your day. This definitely comes in handy when on a diet or getting involved with a fitness routine! A typical serving of Green Tea holds around 30-50 milligrams of caffeine. Although it’s not quite as much as a cup of coffee, it’s still enough to give you a healthy boost. Along with the caffeine, the rich supply of anti-oxidants found in Green Tea also contributes to keeping your body burning calories so your energy stays at a premium.

Another surprising benefit of Green Tea is the ability it has to suppress the appetite. It signals to your body when you are full so overeating is far less likely. So instead of that afternoon 32-ounce of soda, why not sip on nutrition-packed Green Tea and watch the pounds begin to melt away instead? Not to mention the cost difference between making some green tea and buying that huge bottle of soda.

Green tea works wonders at keeping cancer and other serious illnesses at bay.

Along with munching on other foods loaded with anti-oxidants, working Green Tea into your day is cancer’s worst nightmare. Packed full of anti-oxidants, it immediately gets busy fighting oncoming and established cancer cells. Although drinking Green Tea alone most likely won’t totally rid your body of cancer, it’s a terrific start in the right direction. Another reason Green Tea repels disease is its keen ability to keep your immune system running at top notch. Fighting anything from high blood pressure to osteoporosis, getting 3-4 servings of Green Tea a day might just keep the doctor away.

Your brain will love the longevity Green Tea can offer it.

Dementia and Alzheimer’s will have to find another place to call home. Although it’s been rumored to be helpful in the past, scientists are becoming more convinced at the miracles of Green Tea linked to the brain. The tea gives off superb chemicals that prevent toxins from destroying your brain cells, keeping your mind sharp for decades to come. All the way around, only benefits are being seen with Green Tea. Because it’s been used for centuries, you don’t have to worry about long-term safety. The only side-effects with Green Tea are positive ones! Start early and get Green Tea working for you and your body. Not only will it keep your skin and body looking great, it will also help keep your insides disease-free as well.

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