How Much Green Tea Should You Drink Per Day?

In today’s modern lifestyle, health is now being considered always. People tend to keep their selves to be fit for self-esteem, for working purposes, or even because it is painfully expensive to be sick. As green tea grew to popularity, health conscious people started to take this herbal alternative to stay fit. Beverage companies took advantage of this and made green tea a drink for the masses.

how much green teaGreen tea is popularly grown and came from China. It is made from the leaves of Camellia sinensis which is a verdant shrub in South Asia and in South East Asia. The oolong, white, and black tea are made of the same shrub but green Camellia leaves are picked and steamed instantly, thus, the green tea.

Drinking green tea is dated back from the olden times in Asia. It has been their culture and was just adopted by the modern world. Asian people tend to have fit bodies and fairer skin and their lifespan are much longer compared to those people who are not. This was caused by their green tea consumption and that attracted the mass to embrace it as a health drink and a slimming method.

Experts say that the normal burning of calories is just 8 to 10% but as they tried it with green tea, they were surprised because it reached up to 14%. This is the reason why green tea has been made as a weight loss alternative. An exercise with a daily consumption of green tea will make you reduce more fats. With its special ingredient called catechin, it protects you from free radicals that harm your body due to excessive workouts.

Drinking green tea a day improves health since it protects you from free radicals because of its polyphenol antioxidants. The other kinds of teas have also this type of antioxidant but only green tea offers more of this making your metabolism to boost and cleanses you and protects your body from diseases.

How much green tea should be taken in a day? You are only required to drink one cup of green tea every day. You can do this every after meal. You might ask, ‘What if I want to have three or more cups a day? I want to slim down as fast as I can’. You may if you can take on the negative effects of excessive drinking of green tea.

Doctors approve of minimal consumption of green tea but too much is a no-no especially for women. The caffeine of green tea is just ¼ of coffee but when large quantity is consumed, can give risk of unplanned abortion and low birth rate. Too much green tea may also retard growth. Caffeine is a stimulant and attacks the central nervous system and having too much may also lead to insomnia, too much urination, potassium level reduction, and incontinence even.

As more of the new age people get more health conscious, the lifestyle of drinking supplements such as this green tea is unstoppable. This has been a trend and will become a culture in the future. Green tea really is very beneficial and can even be a possible cure for cancer. It can help you improve your metabolism and keep you in shape, but we must always remember that too much is bad. So just have a cup of green tea a day and live a fit and healthy life.

This article was written by Amy C, an health, lifestyle and home improvement writer. She loves giving tips and updates regarding health and lifestyle. Also, she is an interior decoration enthusiast who designs beautiful indoor fountains and glass art. Amy invites you to browse her wonderful collection for you to decorate your home.

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