How Much Green Tea for Weight Loss?

Green Tea Weight LossUsing green tea to lose weight is now a popular method for weight loss. However, we need to do it right. If we decide to drink once cup each day and expect the excess weight to come off, we will find that doesn’t work. We actually have to drink a lot of tea to produce weight loss results, and in saying that, we have to drink the right kind of green tea. So here is a basic guide for getting the best results based on what the many studies that have tested the weight loss effects of green tea tell us.

First of all we need to understand that it is the antioxidants in green tea, called EGCG that create the green tea weight loss properties. EGCG, while also providing the other main benefits of green tea such as reducing our risk of cancer and heart disease, boosts our metabolic rate safely and naturally without any side effects. The studies show us that for the maximum weight loss benefits we need to ingest around 700 mg of EGCG each day. At this level, EGCG burns up, on average, around 75 to 80 calories every day.

There are two possible ways of taking in this much green tea each day – drink green tea or take the supplement version of green tea called green tea extract. If we opt for drinking green tea then we will need to drink loose leaf green tea and not use the ready-to-go teabags. The reason for this is that the tea leaves in tea bags have been chopped into fine pieces, this exposes half to two-thirds of the EGCG antioxidants to the air and they get destroyed by oxidation. This means we have to drink 2 to 3 times as many cups as loose leaf green tea! The thing is we still need to drink about 6 cups of loose leaf green tea each day anyhow! On average, a cup of fresh made loose leaf green tea provides about 120 mg of EGCG. So 6 cups gets us 720 mg of EGCG.

For most of us, drinking 6 cups of loose leaf green tea each day is not a reality, and this is why green tea extract is so popular now. With green tea extract we now exactly how much EGCG we are getting as each tablet or capsules is a standardized dose. Simply read the label to figure out how many you need to take to hit 700 mg. Don’t worry if you go over this amount, because studies show that even in very high doses (much higher than 700 mg), EGCG is very safe, but above 700 mg the green tea weight loss effects start to wane off dramatically.

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