Green Tea versus Green Coffee

green tea versus coffeeThe benefit comparison between green tea and green coffee has been analysed and studied for a number of years. The arguments have over time been shifting between the two sides and the preferences of the people have also shifted accordingly. When people consider shifting to the beverage, they are, many a times boggled by the choice they need to make between green tea and green coffee. A number of studies have been published, all highlighting benefits of one, over the other. This publishing combines the results of these studies to give you a comprehensive view of both kinds of beverages which would allow you to choose one of the two according to the benefits you wish to enjoy.

Green tea has been found to contain large amounts of antioxidants which help to neutralize the free radicals in the body, thus minimizing their effect and preventing the body. The beverage has been known to protect the body of a regular drinker from a number of diseases like diabetes, cancer and arthritis because of its active content of catechins. These help to develop the body immune system and also counter balance the ill effects of an irregular daily routine.

Further research and studied have established that the amount of antioxidants in green coffee are more in comparison to green tea. Aside from that, the main component in green coffee which largely benefits the body is chlorogenic acid. It also neutralized free radicals in the body and also addresses the problem of hydroxyl radicals which are responsible for causing cellular degeneration. Chlorogenic acid also helps to improve the body’s metabolism and prevents the drinker from a number of diseases like cancer, asthma, depression and many more. It has also been found to be effective in the prevention of Parkinson’s and reducing the effects of the disease in patients.

Green tea has smaller amounts of caffeine which are considered to be balanced to allow the body to enjoy the benefits of the same, without an overdose. Coffee contains high amounts of caffeine which could damage the body in a number of ways. The theanine content in green tea acts as a relaxing agent for the body and mind. This allows the drinker to feel the refreshing energy boost of the caffeine, but without the jitters because they can be supressed by the theanine. Also the catechins in green tea combine themselves with caffeine in hot water and cancel out the effects of the same.

Green coffee has been found to contain caffeic acid. This helps to give an energy boost alongside the caffeine content in the coffee. However unlike regular coffee, green coffee does not contain cafestol. This is the main component of an increase in cholesterol amongst most coffee drinkers. It is responsible for the increase of heart disease to up to 20% over the drinker’s life. It has also been known to put a lot of pressure on living functioning, causing stress and even liver damage and disease. It is for this reason that green coffee is given preference over regular coffee.

green coffee versus green teaGreen tea has been known to reduce weight through use by providing high amounts of energy to the body. The caffeine content in the green tea also acts like an appetite suppressant, making diet easier, as well as effective. Also, one may need small amounts of sweeteners with green coffee; however green tea is naturally sweet so the need for adding calories through sugar is comparatively less. The combination of caffeine, EGCG and theanine are known to effectively help in weight loss. The EGCG helps the caffeine to affect the body in a better way, reducing appetite and burning more calories.

Green coffee is known for its properties to increase metabolism, which help in weight reduction. Green coffee, with its high energy boost and increase in metabolic activity makes exercise routine more effective for the body and thus helps in weight loss. However, green coffee may be too bitter for some people and would need to be consumed with sugar which could add to the calorie count of the drink. Also, the absence of EGCG content makes the effects of caffeine comparatively less than green tea, however the increased amount of caffeine in the drink can help with the lack of EGCG.

At the end of the day, people usually choose according to their taste preferences ad their experience with the beverage. Both green tea and green coffee have their own richness and aromas, both of which have been found to reduce stress simply on the basis of the scent that is picked up by the drinker. Some people choose according to the benefits they are looking for, while others look for a gourmet experience which will make their drink relaxing and refreshing. Try both options and see the one that suits your needs the best or you could drink both in combination and enjoy the best of both worlds.

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