Green Tea Plus A Lower-in-fat Diet Is A Winning Combo

If you have read some of the main articles on this website about green tea, then you will understand just how beneficial it can be for a weight loss diet. If not, then have a look around, but I will make a long story short here. Green tea contains a specific group of antioxidants called catechin polyphenols. Science shows that these antioxidants help dissolve the amount of fat in our blood stream following a meal, and also speed up the metabolism so that we burn more calories each day. This is the one two punch that green tea delivers for those trying to reduce body fat. To get this benefit, we need to drink about 5 cups per day. Or alternatively we can take a high-quality green tea extract supplement.

Green tea really helps, so please don’t overlook it

In addition to using green tea, I have found something else that helps support a fat loss plan. This something is a kitchen appliance called a Nuwave Oven. I first saw this oven advertised on TV and was attracted to it because it reduces the amount of fat in meat, and apparently cooks more quickly than a regular oven. A quick look online brought me to this neat page at, which reviews the product really well, showing its great advantages for cooking and for weight loss. Having owned the product now for a few months, I have to agree with pretty much everything the reviewer had to say on that website, and he says a lot. It is a deep and extensive review!

While there are time-saving, energy-saving benefits to this oven, when you cook meat with it you really see how much fat comes out and falls to the drip pan below. For those of us trying to lose weight, that is a whole lot of calories that we can now leave behind, courtesy of the good graces of this oven. Pot roasts, hamburgers, steaks and other high-fat meats can be turned into their lower-fat counterparts and still be tasty. The neat thing is that while the fat drips away the infrared cooking methods of this oven keep the natural juices in the meat, so it cooks tender and juicy. Yum!

So if you are trying to lose fat, but you fancy a nice piece of meat that you can’t normally have, then give the Nuwave Oven a whirl to cook a nice low-fat version. After enjoying your meal, finish up with a nice mug of green tea, to help burn off some more calories. We can’t always be perfect with out diets, but we can still be smart about them.

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