Green Tea may be a Natural Non-toxic Alternative to Auto-immune Drugs

green tea for autoimmune diseasesRecent research publicized in the Journal of Immunology Letters indicates that a particular manner in which a substance present in green tea provide benefits for health, including protection from autoimmune diseases such as cancers, Lou Gehrig’s disease and juvenile diabetes.

The scientists explained there are numerous kinds of specialised cells that are a factor in immunity. For those who have autoimmune diseases, some cells start to assault others which are vital for great health, leaving dangerous cells to reproduce and disperse themselves through out a person’s body.

Nonetheless, regulating T cells help to stop this from happening and maintain an equilibrium of the different cell types.

The results of the study demonstrated that the EGCG polyphenols present in green tea stimulate a greater production of regulating T cells, therefore reducing the chance of autoimmune diseases.

The researchers observed that whilst there are medications created to deliver this function, there has been worries regarding the toxicity of these drugs.

“This seems to be an all natural, plant-derived substance that can impact the amount of regulating T cells, and in the act improve immune system function,” said lead scientist Emily Ho.

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