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green tea fat burner

Sure everybody’s heard of green tea by now. You may have heard it’s good for you. You’ve probably heard it can help fight some cancers or at least prevent some. But did you know that one of the main benefits of regularly consuming green tea is fat loss? That’s right fat loss. Here we have a society that will their stomachs stapled at a cost of over $20,000 a procedure just to lose some weight and all you have to do is drink some green tea. Well, maybe it’s not that simple but it’s a start. Let’s go over some facts about green tea.
Green Tea Fat Burner – The Basics
Green tea’s discovery can be traced back nearly 4,000 years. It comes from the tea plant Camellia sinensis. It’s an evergreen, shrub-type plant and is common in the South and Southeast Asia. It can also be found in other tropical areas throughout the world. Both green and black tea come from the Camellia sinensis plant but it’s how it’s prepared (or harvested) that separates the two from each other. While black tea and Oolong tea are fermented to give them that wonderful aroma everyone knows by now, green tea is not fermented. It stays natural and unprocessed as far as that part of the process is concerned. This is a good thing when we’re talking about health benefits because it stays unaltered and the active ingredients are as natural as they were on the plant.

Green Tea Fat Burner – Let’s Dig Deeper
So we now have learned that green tea (as well as a few other teas) originates from the Camellia sinensis plant and it’s found in Asia usually, but what is the big deal about green tea specifically and what’s it got to do with the Green Tea Fat Burner title? It’s all about the polyphenols. Polyphenols are organic chemicals found within the green tea plant and it’s these polyphenols that are responsible for some seriously wonderful benefits when talking about drinking green tea. Polyphenols are also known as catechins or flavanols. Flavanols are believed by many to help keep arteries flexible, reduce your blood pressure, increase the circulation in your small vessels and believe it or not actually help to protect against sunburns. Not bad for sure but what about the fat loss benefits?

Green Tea Fat Burner – Burn The Fat
According to a study that ran in an issue of the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, drinking green tea has shown to create an activation of the body’s thermogenic fat-burning abilities. Within this study, it was shown that an optimal amount of catechins (about 690mg worth) ingested for a period of 12 weeks, greatly reduced these subjects’ total fat areas, their skinfold thickness, their waist size, and most important their subcutaneous fat areas! And remember, catechins are in green tea.

This can be explained by the fact that catechins will inhibit (or stagnate) an enzyme called the catechol-O-methyltranferase [ COMT]. This enzyme will actually degrade the body’s primary fat-burner hormone which is called norepinephrine. This is not what you want when trying to burn fat! But with the catechins consumed in green tea, you’ll get some really good elevated levels of norepinephrine. This in turn will extend your body’s thermogenesis.  In plain speak it simply means that all those catechins will help you to burn fat.

Green Tea Fat Burner – Summary

Here you have a wonderful drink that many enjoy but that is also packed with antioxidants, can reduce blood pressure, can keep your pipes (arteries) flexible, has been known to help resist sun burning and most of all, can burn away some fat. In my book, this is a drink worth having a couple times of day!

Author’s Bio: Charles Freeman is the co-founder of a bodybuilding, fitness and nutrition site.

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