Green Tea Extract – The Best Green Tea Supplement

If you check out all the fat burning products on the market today they will almost always contain green tea extract as a key ingredient. It is widely accepted as a weight loss aid and has become very popular.

So what is green tea extract?

The antioxidant polyphenol catechins, specifically EGCG catechins, are extracted from green tea leaves into a concentrated form to use in pills, tablets or liquid. There are 4 different kinds of catechins in green tea, but EGCG has the most powerful effect on health and weight loss. The other 3 types of catechins, EGC, ECG and EC, are still great antioxidants in their own right. The good news is that you will find all of them in green tea extract.

How much should you take a day for green tea weight loss?

A research study conducted in China discovered that giving doses of EGCG catechins of approximately 600 – 900mg had the most powerful effects on weight loss, body composition and reduction in abdominal fat. Look for products that have at least 90% polyphenol content and at least 45% EGCG.

Why take green tea extract instead of drinking green tea?
The approximate amount of catechins in a cup of green tea is about 100mg. This amount can vary for different reasons, such as steeping time, water temperature and regional variation of the tea plants. Essentially, you would need to drink 6 to 9 cups a day to achieve the maximum green tea weight loss benefits. The suggested intake amount is 600 to 900mg of EGCG catechins per day. That’s a lot of tea! So taking a supplement is a lot easier!
If you really enjoy drinking green tea you can also combine green tea and green tea extract to get the desired dosage.

“I always fear that creation will expire before tea-time.” – Sidney Smith

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