Green Tea Can Help Us Feel Fuller

Green tea is linked to a variety of benefits for health as a result of its substantial antioxidant content and now research conducted recently has discovered that it could also improve feelings of satiety, which in turn can aid green tea weight loss.

This research was carried out by Swedish scientists from Lund University and the results were released in the Nutrition Journal 2010 issue.

In this study the scientists randomly issued fourteen volunteers with either ten oz . of green tea or simply water. The beverage was taken during a breakfast consisting of white bread and turkey slices. The scientists then tested the volunteers blood at 0, 15, 30, 45, 60, 90, and 2 hours following the meal.

The scientists discovered that those volunteers given green tea experienced an increased level of satiety, a greater sense of fullness and more of these volunteers felt satisfied that they had had enough to eat at breakfast time.

Earlier research has indicated that green tea might increase satiety as a result of its influence upon insulin sensitivity and blood sugar levels, yet the scientists observed no distinction in insulin or blood sugar levels between both groups.

Even though this study didn’t look at other possible explanations, the volunteers given green tea did say they experienced a distinctive flavor perception, which means they found it less enjoyable to consume more food compared to the volunteers given water only.

This research contributes more clinical evidence to support the weight loss benefits of green tea. There are numerous other health benefits connected with green tea drinking that have gained considerably more scientific support such as this beverage’s ability for enhancing cardiovascular health, aiding digestion and minimizing the chance of all types of degenerative diseases.

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