Beat Lyme disease With Green Tea

lyme disease and green teaLyme disease is caused by deer ticks that have been infected by bacteria called Borrelia burgdorgeri. The infected tick may embed itself under the skin of the victim after biting. This allows the tick to feed off muscle and blood from the victim, while releasing the bacteria into the body. The affected area becomes red, with a lesion and is often compared to look like a bull’s eye. The release of toxins, if not controlled can lead to lifelong effects which would be difficult to counterbalance in later years. The initial symptoms of Lyme disease would include flu like symptoms but those, if left untreated could lead to arthritic, neurological and cardiac complications.

A set of anti-biotic are prescribed to tackle the disease usually, because even the production of toxins in the body help feed the bacteria, as well as the tick. However, it has been established that modern medicine alone has not been particularly effective in the treatment of the disease. The same, when coupled with herbal recovery remedies has been known to give better results, along with quicker healing for the patient. A number of herbs have been carefully chosen to aid in the treatment of the disease, one of which is tea.

The most herbal form of tea is green tea and the consumption of it has been able to make a remarkable difference in the progress and better of a Lyme disease patient. While its extended uses remain subject to study and research, the main properties of antioxidants, catechins, anti-inflammatory and healthy heart compounds found in green tea have been known to be magical enough to give patients the boost in treatment they have been looking for.

One of the main important anti-oxidants which help derive benefits from green tea is called EGCG. These anti-oxidants are given the responsibility of binding with the free radicals in the body. This binding process reduces the harmful effects of the disease, thus bringing relief to the patient and allowing for satisfactory comfort when coupled with the effects of the treatment.

The free radicals in the body that are produced during Lyme disease normally find refuge in the joints of the body before affecting other areas. As the body’s natural reaction to a foreign and negative impacting element, there is swelling and pain in the affected joint. The consumption of green tea helps to substantially reduce the inflammation being caused in the joints and thus reducing the pain that the patient may be feeling because of the same. It also allows movement more easily and prevents the changes of paralysis due to nerve compression because of inflammation.
The healthy heart compounds in green tea act as a protective shield from the effects of the toxins that suddenly begin to flood the blood stream of the patient. Even if the disease lies in the body, untreated for a long period of time, the consumption of green tea can be held responsible for forming a protective covering on the heart and making sure the effects of the disease are not as severe as they could have been.

Green tea when consumed as a natural drink can be beneficial. The preparation may include the use of tea bags or powder as available in the market. A more herbal alternative to the same would be to drop tea leaves in boiling water and straining the mix before consumption. With the introduction of green tea extracts in capsule form as well, these may also be consumed along with the prescribed medication to reduce the implications of Lyme disease.

While herbal extracts from green tea and other natural products may provide relief from the effects of the disease, and may also help in reducing the effects, it is not suggested that they should be used as a substitute to the medication which the patient would need. Consult your doctor and plan a treatment regime which will be able to give you the benefits of modern medicine in combination with the advantages of natural remedies.

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