Antioxidants in Green tea Might Help Slow Down Weight Gain

green tea helps slow weight gainGreen tea features numerous natural compounds, like anti-oxidants, that are good for people’s health and well being, as outlined by lots of previous studies. New research indicates green tea might also slow down the progression of gaining weight.

Most types of green tea possess epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG for short), the substance of great interest to scientists at Penn State. To be able to examine the effects of EGCG upon gaining weight, the research team experimented with 2 groups of mice. Each group consumed a high-in-fat diet plan, but just one of them was given EGCG supplements. Results demonstrated that the mice gained weight 45% more gradually. Other testing demonstrated that the subjects given EGCG didn’t absorb so much fat from the food consumed, either.

“There appears to be two prongs to this,” stated Joshua Lambert, food science assistant professor in agricultural science. “First, EGCG decreases the capacity to absorb fats and, 2nd, it increases the capacity to use up fat.”

Nonetheless, EGCG didn’t seem to have an influence on the subjects’ appetites.

An individual would need to consume about ten cups of green tea every day to equal the level of EGCG given to the mice in this experimentation, Lambert said, stating that even a couple of cups each day might still be a green tea weight loss benefit.

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